We have spent the last year or more writing new music, and are shooting to finish our new album by the end of 2015. We’ll be relying on talented friends to mix, master, and design artwork. The sooner we can fund these items, the sooner we can release the album.

We’d love your support – Check out the incentive package options below!

| GOAL: $3,800 | RAISED: $550

$10 – Digital Download Day of Release

If you think you might buy the new record when it is released, we would love for you to preorder it. The more preorders we have, the faster we’ll be able to release, and the faster you’ll be able to make out to our record in the backseat of your Toyota Tercel. Because that’s what this is about. Making out in the back of late 90s subcompact fuel economy vehicles.

$20 – Digital Download in Advance

If you can’t wait to hear the new record, this option gets you every song before it is officially released. Then when your friend asks what you’re listening to you can be smug and say something elitist about how they wouldn’t “get it” even if you explained it to them. And then when the record is finally released you can already be totally over it and onto the next thing, and probably burn your friend’s house down.

$30 – Digital Download in Advance + THS

Feel like supporting our new record AND you never got around to buying our last one? With this option you get the new record in advance of the release date and a digital download of The Honeymoon Stagecoach right away. And then probably if you play both records at the same time or backwards or something you summon the devil. Or probably some demons. Or daemons. Or at least some sort of hell-fairy/sprite.

$40 – Digital Download in Advance + THS + Remixes

This option gets you everything described above, plus 4 EDM remixes of tracks from The Honeymoon Stagecoach once the new record is released. So if you like indie rock but also sometimes listen to Deadmau5 and cry yourself to sleep because nobody gets you like electronica, this is the option for you. And Lars. This is the Molly of pre-order options. Nnn-tss nnn-tss.

$100 – Webinar Show

This is that thing where if you pay us a hundred bucks we’ll get in front of a webcam for an hour and play a show for you / your friends / your family / your small-to-mid-sized pets. Old songs, new songs, maybe even request a cover song? And we’ll hang out and chat for a while. Unless things get weird.

$500 – Living Room Show

If you live in the Pacific Northwest we will COME TO YOU and play a show. Probably acoustic unless you happen to have a place where we can be loud without angering nearby people. Or maybe that could be the thing. We’ll come and play a full band show in your apartment to make your neighbors hostile. And then if they come to the door or call the cops, we’ll ask them if they want to join us, and they’ll be like “yeah!” and then we’ll all party and have wine coolers and go to youth group in the morning.